Get Stronger and Leaner Through Group Training in York, Maine


Intensity. Comradery. Push Yourself Harder. Learn Safe Technique.


The core of what we do - intense group training using barbells, your own body, kettlebells, and other strength and fitness tools!


Once you join, you can also use the facilities on your own at designated times for you to work on whatever you want.


Young athletes can keep up - or enhance - their strength and endurance ahead of their sports season. Warn your coaches that you'll be coming back stronger!


If you still need some of the building blocks before you are ready for group training, we can provide personal training in select cases.


Getting ready for an obstacle race? A powerlifting meet? A 5k? We can help you get ready.


If there's something you wish we offered, please ask about it. We may have a program that fits perfectly.


Meet our team.



A York native, Josh has been training groups and individuals in the York area for over a decade. He is Crossfit Certified but brings many more disciplines into the programming and guidance he provides. His passion for what we do at Rock Coast Training will help you succeed.



Darrin's certifications include CPT from NSCA as well as a Level 1 Coach with the USA Weightlifting organization. In addition to helping run Rock Coast Training, Darrin competes 5 to 10 times a year in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and obstacle races.



You really are a part of the team here at Rock Coast Training. Come and try it out. The more you put in, the more you get out!


When you become a member of Rock Coast Training, you take control of your fitness future.

About Rock Coast Training

We believe that everyone can get stronger and leaner. Using barbells, kettlebells, your own body, ropes, sleds, and a host of other tools, we make achieving your goals fun.

Every group session has options for you to make it harder or easier, based on where you are in your fitness process. The goal of course is to keep progressing! Regardless of your age, our training programs will help you achieve greater strength and leanness. Of course, you also need to take care of yourself OUTSIDE the gym by eating right and living a healthy lifestyle.

Stop in today, or call or email, and we'll help you determine if this is the right gym for you.

Contact Info

  •   207.475.6561
  •   647 US Route 1, York, Maine


We are so pleased and humbled by how dedicated our members are. Here are some of them, in their own words...
I used to receive personal training with the co-owner and head trainer, Josh, at his previous gym. I never thought I'd get into group classes for fear that it would slow me down or become distracting. Boy was I wrong. The group dynamic adds a whole new level of energy, support, good-natured competition and fun. I push myself harder now than I ever did when I was training alone. It feels more like my collegiate hockey days where you had a team training together, pushing each other to give it their all and supporting each other along the way. After three months, I'm in the best shape I've been in in 15 years. I don't think I'd ever go back to training alone, and as long as I'm in the southern Maine/Portsmouth area, I know I won't be working out anywhere but Rock Coast.

Matthew McTighe

Outstanding group classes-- excellent instruction throughout with emphasis on form/execution. The classes give you an amazing workout and Josh really motivates you to push beyond your limits.

Tom L

I've worked in and trained in gyms across the country since 1983. I have never been a fan of group fitness due to instructors inevitably poppy-seeding classes so participants are training at the same level for their convenience and to make everyone feel like they are thriving. Rock Coast is the one and only gym that truly encourages personal fitness gains without any gimics or empty promises. The group dynamic changes daily keeping workouts fresh and challenging. Josh will give you the tools and skills to train correctly, but it's made very clear that your success is up to you. If you need someone to hold your hand and tell you to stop eating Twinkies, Rock Coast isn't for you. Someone will always be ahead of you and behind you in your fitness level. Just show up, try hard and learn to love pushing your limits.

Sue Wilson

Rock Coast Training has made doing complex lifts easy to understand and made it fun also, I've already increased my main lifts by a significant amount.

Ian Morrison

These classes have helped me become the most strong and fit I have ever been. Pushing me to a level I would never do on my own. Each session is made safe and fun keeping me looking forward to next one!

Katie H.


We've got some exciting things planned this Summer!

Our hours will expand to accommodate more group training and Summer Bootcamps here in York, Maine, open to members and guests to the area.  For hours, check our facebook or email us.

If you're visiting the area this summer, let us know.  Our group training approach is a safe alternative to Crossfit that allows for multiple levels of ability - from intense-and-hardcore to new-to-group-training.  Our head trainer has a decade of experience in York fitness centers.

We also will be holding a few friendly (but intense!) competitions - Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, and Obstacle Races.

And perhaps most importantly, we'll be working with every member to select specific goals for the summer and we'll help you achieve them!